Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dive Boljoon

Photo by Paulo Garcia
As i have mentioned in my previous blog, one of my goal is to explore the underwater treasures of Cebu... and Boljoon is a gem waiting to be discovered.
Last Sunday, our dive group upon the invitation of Paulo Garcia, did some exploration on the dive sites of the Municipality of Boljoon - One of Cebu's heritage towns.
We saw giant clams, sea snake, turtles, lobster, stingray, barracuda and some big pelagics i couldn't identify due to bad visibility and fogged mask!
But inspite of that, our 2 dives are still great and i can see its potential even without the presence of our favorite pelagics.
A large area is already protected as a marine sanctuary... and few more years, this will surely attract visiting pelagics that will make this sites a world class dive destination.
We use Stu Gould's residence as our dive base and inside their extensive property is one of the fabled baluartes of Cebu - the Baluarte Granada.
There are about 40 baluartes (watchtower) doting the coastline of Carcar down to Santander that act as a defensive warning device to signal the other towns to get ready for the approaching Moro pirates... just like in the Lord of the Rings mountaintop baluartes!
Aside from the baluartes, the most famous landmark of Boljoon is their church built in 16th century. It has amazing frescos, carved limestone, fortified like a fortress and its windows are constructed to fit canons. Nuestra Senora Patrocinio de Maria church is currently declared a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippine National Museum.
I guess Heritage Sites are becoming my favorite destinations this year.