Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Quatro Islas / Four Islands

Photo by Joy Go
Raja Ampat (Four Kings) is one of my dream dive destination off Papua, Indonesia. But even seasoned travelers are having a hard time getting there... so in the meantime, i'll just settle with our own Raja Ampat - the Quatro Islas off Hilongos, Leyte.
It may not totally posses the Rock Islands mushroom features but the dreamy postcard beauty of its white sand beaches are equally stunning.
Last weekend, our group - Eric & Agnes with Ken & Alexis, Joy & Kevin, Fred, Barbi,Tanya, Ana, Me, Luv, Francis, Oliver and Akards - camped overnight on one of its secluded beach in Mahaba Island where we did our half tank night dive after a back to back dives in Himokilan Island (1) marine sanctuary.
With matching "burn fire" and "choco fondue" we managed to feel the island vibe while sleeping under the moon and stars (and fireflies)... waking up with shooting stars and awesome sunrise!
After a SPAMy breakfast, we did another back to back dives in Mahaba Island (2) marine sanctuary before cruising ICHIBAN near Didjo Island (3) and Dapit Island (4) where a pod of dolphins are waving us goodbye... same pod that greeted us upon arrival.
A perfect weekend getaway capped by a dusk dive at Tinggo to meet the thresher shark at night... and hoping for another adventure dive off the beaten path soon!