Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Quatro Islas / Four Islands

Photo by Joy Go
Raja Ampat (Four Kings) is one of my dream dive destination off Papua, Indonesia. But even seasoned travelers are having a hard time getting there... so in the meantime, i'll just settle with our own Raja Ampat - the Quatro Islas off Hilongos, Leyte.
It may not totally posses the Rock Islands mushroom features but the dreamy postcard beauty of its white sand beaches are equally stunning.
Last weekend, our group - Eric & Agnes with Ken & Alexis, Joy & Kevin, Fred, Barbi,Tanya, Ana, Me, Luv, Francis, Oliver and Akards - camped overnight on one of its secluded beach in Mahaba Island where we did our half tank night dive after a back to back dives in Himokilan Island (1) marine sanctuary.
With matching "burn fire" and "choco fondue" we managed to feel the island vibe while sleeping under the moon and stars (and fireflies)... waking up with shooting stars and awesome sunrise!
After a SPAMy breakfast, we did another back to back dives in Mahaba Island (2) marine sanctuary before cruising ICHIBAN near Didjo Island (3) and Dapit Island (4) where a pod of dolphins are waving us goodbye... same pod that greeted us upon arrival.
A perfect weekend getaway capped by a dusk dive at Tinggo to meet the thresher shark at night... and hoping for another adventure dive off the beaten path soon!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dive Mantangale

Cebu Divers aka Deco Nuts made a huge splash at Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort last weekend after Milenyo thru the invitation of our photo guru - Doc Stan.
There we met Misamis Oriental divers - Mario, Jun, RJ and the owner/divemaster Dodong Uy who attempted to feed me underwater!
Our group (Me & Paulo, Tim & Barbi, Kevin & Joy, Eric & Agnes and Fred Q) started our dive day straight from the seaport of Cagayan de Oro to check the famed Duka Bay. We did 2 dives at Medina Paradise Underwater Spring and Aquarium - included in the Asian Divers 101 Coolest Dive Sites in the World.
Our last dive of the day was the most memorable one as we visit to take a look at the ultimate critter -the pygmy seahorse of Lapinig!
Second day, we visited the resort's Again House Reef - a pinnacle with lots of wintry green and orange black coral trees and huge moray eels.
After lunch, we checked Sta Ines Wreck and there we saw some more underwater springs. We ended our dive vacation by visiting once again the star of this trip - the pygmy seahorse of Lapinig! (worth mentioning twice!)
By the way, as soon as we arrive Cebu - Me & Paulo / Tim & Barbi still decided to proceed to Malapascua even with the cloudy weather but diverted instead to Moalboal. And yes, we only managed to do a single dive at Kasai Point due to howling wind and surfable waves!
What a bunch of Nuts!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bee Festival

Just got back from judging the Buyogan Festival of the Municipality of Abuyog, Leyte last August 26.
It was my 2nd time to judge this very cute and unique BEE street dancing festival under the leadership of their very active lady mayor - Mayor Ofelia K. Traya.
Another project i wanted to help promote in this town is diving. I can see the potential and i hope one of these days i can finally organize the exploration dives i've been planning since last year to document the beautiful coral gardens and lagoons of the area.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dive Puerto Galera

Just got back from another liveaboard diving in Verde Island, Puerto Galera and Anilao on board Borneo Explorer. I'm starting to like cruising with Expedition Fleet Liveaboards because of the convenience and great service it offers. The only thing i don't like is the headache i get every after dive due to sea sickness.
The trip was great as always with our wacky Cebu group and Manila based friends. The 13 passengers including myself are Paulo, Tim, Barbi, Kevin, Joy, Fred, Eric, Richard, Tanya, Cielo, Hans and Yvette Lee. The staff headed by Rommel - the boat manager (also of Oceanic Explorer) and Padoy, Elmer and Sten (from Maldives) - the shaker sherpas.
We started our day by embarking at Mabini Pier in Anilao. After check in, we had a nice dinner and went to bed early after a full day of shopping at the sprawling Mall of Asia.
Early morning the next day our boat cruise to Verde Island where we did 2 dives at the Wall. During lunch we cruise again down to Puerto Galera in Mindoro to dive Hole in the Wall, Sabang Point and a night dive at Sabang Junk.
The next day, we did 2 action dives at the Canyons before we cruise back to Batangas to do our last 2 dives in Mainit with a hot underwater bubble bath to cap the trip.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Freeman Lifestyle

SOL EUGENIO: Lord of the Dance
by Ariel A. Allera
August 21, 2004

The young director from Manila who used to choreograph dance numbers in GMA-7’s That’s Entertainment was sent to Cebu in 1990 to handle the dance and modelling departments of Cora Doloroso Career Centre. But never did he—Sol Eugenio—expect that, one day, he would eventually settle down here and call Cebu his home and consider himself a “Cebuano.”
“When my contract with CDCC expired, I tried living in Davao City for three years. But I guess nothing compares to Cebu; that’s why I came back. In fact, everytime I arrive from an out-of-town trip, I always get the feeling of ‘It’s nice to be back home’,” Sol confesses.
Here, he has never rested on his laurels. Sol not only continues his dancing and directing stints despite having made it big, but has become one of the country’s most sought-after events producers (for bookings, visit his website: www.soleugenio.com), a well-respected entrepreneur, and a diving master.
Q: You dance, you choreograph dance presentations, you direct events and you go scuba diving. What is your priority as of now?
A: All of the above. If I’m not booked to dance or to direct shows, I go scuba diving to relax. During free days, I’m usually at our coffee shop in Mango Square, supervising the operation.
What was the first thing that you learned to do? Did you ever dream of making it this big?
Dance. And I guess I already achieved what I want in my life as far as dancing is concerned. Right now, I’m enjoying my diving and am thinking of doing something big to help promote our dive industry here in Cebu.
As a dancer, you’ve participated in several international competitions abroad, especially in the 2001 World Cup Argentine Tango championships held in Hong Kong where you were a finalist. Tell us about that.
World Cup is usually held in Miami (Florida, U.S.A.) or in some parts of Europe, but Hong Kong hosted the event that year. Though my partner (Marti YbaƱez) and I were not ready, we went there to compete and we were so happy representing the Philippines, not minding the fact that we were dancing side by side with other international champions. We just enjoyed every moment of the competition; I guess it’s our passion about dance that landed us in the finals.
Differentiate a teacher from a choreographer.
A dance teacher teaches dancers the basics or the more advanced forms of dancing, while a choreographer designs the dance presentation using the skills of the dancers. Choreographers usually work with professional dancers.
When you choreograph dances, do you have to be first and foremost a good dancer? Are dance teachers/choreographers necessarily good dancers?
I guess it’s better if you’re also a good dancer so you can do both—teach and choreograph—at the same time. However, there are great and—in fact—famous choreographers who do not know how to dance.
For some who do not really know how to shake a leg, is becoming a good dancer an impossible dream?
Anybody can learn how to dance and become a good dancer. Just be patient and practice the skills regularly. What differentiates dancers is their ability to show natural rhythm.
What influenced you to direct events? What is your cup of tea—fashion shows? concerts?
Directing, for me, is the only way wherein I can express my artistic ideas. If I don’t have an outlet to apply it, I’ll explode! As for my forte, I go for fashion shows and concerts. I like to infuse dancers in concerts and I want to work with models who know how to dance.
What was your first major directorial job and what was it like being a first-timer?
A theater show in Metro Manila promoting the anti-drugs campaign of Caloocan City Mayor Rey Malonzo. It was just like a normal thing for me—no pressure whatsoever. I guess I was born to direct shows.
Tell me about your being a PADI Divemaster. What does PADI stand for? What fascinates you about diving and where do you usually go diving?
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Divemaster is the one who supervises certified divers diving enjoyable dive tours. I took my Divemaster apprenticeship in Scuba World, Plantation Bay, under great instructors: Arnel Tagsip, Alain Rabor and Harumi Imai. I usually dive in Mactan, Moalboal, Panglao, Cabilao, Balicasag and Malapascua. I’ve also been to Coron, Samal, La Union and Boracay.
Tell us about your coffee shop in Mango Square. Why coffee?
It’s called CoffeeDream. I am a heavy coffee drinker (average of 5 cups a day) so I was already a regular customer of CoffeeDream before. When franchising was offered, I asked my friends if we could apply for a franchise. We got two branches already—the other one is in SM City-Cagayan De Oro.
What about Sol Eugenio Management & Promotions Agency? What has been the biggest event it has produced?
SEMPA was able to produce several major gala fashion shows in Davao City—of Renee Salud and Randy Ortiz—as well as the Ballroom Dancing Cebu held in Cebu Plaza Hotel a few years back, featuring ballroom dancers from Arizona, U.S.A. Most of the events SEMPA organizes here in Cebu are private and by-invitation-only shows.
Aside from scuba diving—surfing and sky diving are your current sports. What fascinates you about extreme sports such as these?
I love extreme sports. (I studied Aeronautical Engineering). They can kill you in seconds if you’re not prepared well. You need gallons of coffee to make yourself alert. That’s why I love to challenge myself in skydiving and board surfing. By the way, I don’t consider scuba diving as an extreme sport; it’s a lifestyle.
They say that if you’re a “jack of all trades,” you’re a “master of none.” How do you see yourself?
I don’t see myself as that. They call me Cebu’s Lord of the Dance, and I’m already a divemaster and have been a finalist in the World Cup ArgentineTango. My focus is still intact: DANCE and DIVE. Other things are just spice of life.©

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dive Boljoon

Photo by Paulo Garcia
As i have mentioned in my previous blog, one of my goal is to explore the underwater treasures of Cebu... and Boljoon is a gem waiting to be discovered.
Last Sunday, our dive group upon the invitation of Paulo Garcia, did some exploration on the dive sites of the Municipality of Boljoon - One of Cebu's heritage towns.
We saw giant clams, sea snake, turtles, lobster, stingray, barracuda and some big pelagics i couldn't identify due to bad visibility and fogged mask!
But inspite of that, our 2 dives are still great and i can see its potential even without the presence of our favorite pelagics.
A large area is already protected as a marine sanctuary... and few more years, this will surely attract visiting pelagics that will make this sites a world class dive destination.
We use Stu Gould's residence as our dive base and inside their extensive property is one of the fabled baluartes of Cebu - the Baluarte Granada.
There are about 40 baluartes (watchtower) doting the coastline of Carcar down to Santander that act as a defensive warning device to signal the other towns to get ready for the approaching Moro pirates... just like in the Lord of the Rings mountaintop baluartes!
Aside from the baluartes, the most famous landmark of Boljoon is their church built in 16th century. It has amazing frescos, carved limestone, fortified like a fortress and its windows are constructed to fit canons. Nuestra Senora Patrocinio de Maria church is currently declared a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippine National Museum.
I guess Heritage Sites are becoming my favorite destinations this year.

Friday, June 30, 2006


Photo by Ivan Henares
Since i'm planning another trip to La Union, i just thought of searching online what other places i can visit nearby. I tried searching for San Fernando and then i saw this very familiar photo of a house. I checked it and yes indeed, it was the house we used to live in San Fernando, Pampanga.
As far as i can recall, my only childhood memories starts there and i'm so glad that it was already declared a Heritage House in 2003. I am now excited to go back there after more than 25 years. I wanted to walk again on the railroad track, the sugar central, the church, the calesa rides, my prep school...
I also remembered that after San Fernando City, we moved to Bacolod City. I think i should go back there too... I'm really enjoying this feeling of looking back to your wonderful past nostalgically.

Dayrit-Cuyugan House (MacArthur Highway, Barangay Dolores) Built in 1920 by the couple Joaquin Dayrit y Singian, sugar farmer, and Maria Paz Cuyugan y de Leon. Inherited by their eldest daughter Luz Dayrit y Cuyugan who was married to Ulderico Rodriguez from Bacolor.
This ancestral house, which exemplifies the architecture prevalent during the American colonial period was declared a Heritage House by the National Historical Institute on 27 January 2003 by virtue of Resolution No. 5, S. 2003. (http://cityofsanfernando.blogspot.com)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Coffee Dream

I love coffee and i can't live without it. It fuels my passion to do these extreme sports i'm getting into.
It also helps me daydream of possible concepts and images that i can use on my creative works.
I average 5 cups of brewed coffee or 2 cups of espresso on a normal day but more if i need to create a concept paper.
Anyways, without too much testimonial about coffee... i actually just wanted to invite you guys to visit our franchised Coffee Dream outlets at Mango Square Mall, Cebu or at SM City, Cagayan de Oro. Thanks!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dive Davao

Photo by George Tapan
I had a lot of first time dive experience when i took my scuba diving lessons at Pearl Farm Beach Resort when i was still based in Davao.
My first open water fun dive is actually a wreck dive! We visited one of the two WWII shipwrecks in front of the resort. I got so addicted on those wrecks that my succeeding trip to the resort is mostly to dive and explore them again.
I also had my first night dive (which my Okinawan instructor combined with navigation dive) under the resort's famous landmark - The Parola.
Armed with a torch, a compass and too much excitement, instead of a square... i made a zigzag pattern all the way to the open with a very strong current! It was my first 30min solo dive 'cause my instructor took a while to catch up with me on a torpedo speed drift dive.
I knew i got lost already... but who cares? I'm enjoying my first night flight alone! ha ha ha!
After getting my advanced certification, my weekend in Davao is never complete without a day-trip to Samal or Talikud islands. I miss those lunch under the coconut trees with my BigMac meal!
Everytime i get the chance to visit Davao, i always dropby Wind and Wave dive shop in Santa Ana Wharf to check if there's a trip i can join. I am scheduled to go there next month and hopefully, after more than a year since my last Talikud island trip... i can Dive Davao again.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lanuza Fiesta

I was asked by Mayor Jerry of Lanuza to provide them with a Cebu-based showband and i took it right away as an opportunity not only to attend the fiesta but also to finally surf Lanuza.
Luckily, i was able to book Firstep - one of Cebu's top showband. We left Cebu last June 10 and as expected the trip going there was tough... overnight by boat from Cebu to Surigao then 3 hours land trip from Surigao to Lanuza. Upon reaching Lanuza, i toured the band around the town and had a really nice dip at Magkawas Falls.
At night, we had a chillaxin nipa wine session at Bayod Bar & Grill.
Early morning the next day, i tagged along Pido (Lanuza's Junior Champion Surfer) and his brand new motorbike to Badjang and had some few rides after a long wait for the nice sets to arrive. Got some few cuts due to a very low tide but i don't mind the blood... sayang ang sets!
Late in the afternoon, we tried to catch waves under the rain at Doot Poktoy Sandbar. It was nice to be able to get a few rides even if they consider it a flat season.
At night, the band had a blast in the town plaza. I wish we could bring Firstep again this November for their annual surfing competition.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dive Tubbataha / Palawan Adventure 2

I'm back in Cebu again after a week-long Palawan escapade. Even with the persistent headache caused by a wisdom tooth problem... i really enjoyed the trip.
Maybe because of the great company of friends (John, Amanda, Paulo, Tim, Michael, Kakoy, Dindo and new found friends Mike, Jiny and the GenSan group)
Maybe because of the sumptuous food onboard the Oceanic Explorer.
Maybe because of the perfect weather and sea condition where the water is glassy.
Or maybe because of the amazing underwater treasures of Tubbataha Reefs!
Our group saw a lot of dolphins, mantas, reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse and some from our group saw a Hammerhead shark and a Thresher shark.
I like the Delsan Wreck, Malayan Wreck, Black Rock and Amos Rock dive sites... but doing a long night dive at Ranger Station channel where they saw and photographed a huge Tiger shark just a week before our trip made me shiver!
We were joined by the other Expedition Fleet Liveaboards - Stella Maris Explorer and Eco Explorer where i saw Yvette Lee.
After making 19 dives in this World Heritage Site National Marine Park... we visited another World Heritage Site - the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This cave is unbelievable to be real!
In Puerto Princesa City, we had dinner at Ka Lui, visited Kamarikutan Cafe and had a little drink at Kinabuchs Bar... too bad that the tamilok worm is out of stock.
We stayed overnight at The Legend Hotel after the X-Men paid a visit to Phoenix!
Please visit my buddies (Tim and Paulo) Multiply sites to check how fun it is in Palawan.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Liveaboard Diving

A lot of divers told me that liveaboard diving is the best way to dive... but i never had that chance to experience it to give my personal opinion.
Why? Because it is very expensive to join a liveaboard dive cruise and i was not yet offered a job to work on a liveaboard boat.
Anyways, this weekend i will be joining the Oceanic Explorer to visit the Holy Grail of Philippine Diving... the Tubbataha Reefs!
It will be my first time and finally i will be able to personally experience the difference between a resort based diving and liveaboard diving.
Another plus factor about this trip is that there is no daily flight to Cebu. We are spending overnight in Puerto Princesa and its a chance for me to savor again the Kamarikutan coffee blend and i really miss that exotic dinner at Kinabuchs Grill & Bar. I also wanted to visit again Badjao Seafood Restaurant and Ka Lui Restaurant.
Why do i always think of food? I'm supposed to be on a diet! Darn!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Whale Shark Encounters

Whale Shark I only had two unforgettable encounters with this friendly shark in my entire diving life but the experience enthralled me to no end.
First time was January 1996 between the islands of Samal & Talikud on our way back to Pearl Farm Beach Resort where i took my Open Water & Advance training. When the banca made a complete stop to let us observe the world's largest fish, i immediately free dive and was able to hold on to its fin. I later found out that i was not supposed to do that because it will put a lot of stress to this harmless sea creature. I sure did scare this 12m giant 'cause it speed up like i was being towed by a wave runner!
Second time was September 2004 in Tongo Point off Moalboal. As soon as i backrolled together with my two buddies, this gentle giant of the deep suddenly appears from the blue and swim very close to us... i think it even slowed down a bit that gave us the chance to take a closer look at this 6m baby shark. Too bad we didn't bring our cameras!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Camotes Islands

Just got back from an overnight business trip in a very sweet and charming islands of Camotes. We stayed in Mangodlong Rock Resort where a La Union based Ocean Deep dive shop will soon open. Camotes Islands is known as the best dive destination to watch pelagic action such as sharks. Wasn't able to dive but i did some snorkeling at the resort's House Reef.
I was supposed to go straight to Siargao after this trip to catch up with the awarding of the 2nd Siargao Girls International Surfing Fest and also to practice my surfing... but i need to cancel that plan in order to attend a friend's funeral in Abuyog, Leyte tomorrow.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dive Cebu

Mandarin Fish Cebu is an island, a province & a city. Cebu City, the "Queen City of the South", is the oldest & second-busiest metropolis in the Philippines after Manila. The combination of fine sandy beaches, nightlife and easy access to Mactan-Cebu International Airport has made Cebu the most highly developed resort areas in the country. Cebu is also home to world class dive sites and my ultimate goal is to explore all the underwater treasures of Cebu... my home!
Here's my Top 3 Dive Jewels:
Pescador Island (Moalboal) - The island that provide almost everything in a very small area is in fact a large pinnacle rising out or 35m of open water to 6m above the surface. Around the island is a healthy coral ledge that drops to a vertical wall with overhangs and crevices. Must visit the famous Pescador Cathedral, an open-top funnel that bottoms out at 34m. I've seen shoals of jacks, barracudas, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, eagle rays, whitetip and greyreef sharks. Some have seen Hammerhead Sharks, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.
Monad Shoal (Malapascua) - A sunken island with a flat top at 12m and steep walls sloping down to approximately 200m. The main reason for diving here (as early as 5am) is to see the deep-sea dweller Thresher Sharks and Manta Rays that regularly visit the area as their cleaning station. If you like to see Thresher Sharks but find Malapascua Island too far, you can also get that rare encounter at Tingo Point of Olango Island. I've seen two 3m sharks there.
Marigondon Cave (Mactan) - This dive site is in front of Plantation Bay Resort. The reason for diving here is to visit the cave. The cave in the wall has its entrance at 30-38m where you can see on the right side the four tombstones of Japanese & Filipino divers. Once inside, the penetration of the cave is approximately 40m with pitch black darkness towards the end. There are several grottoes on the right side that contains shoals of enchanting Flashlight Fish. Looking out of the cave entrance is eerie yet spectacular. I've seen two huge Eagle Rays pass by... some have seen Whale Sharks!

And my Precious Jewels are those dive sites where you can find my favorite fish at dusk - the Mandarin Fish! (Kontiki of Mactan Island, Lighthouse of Malapascua Island and Tongo Point of Moalboal)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Action Geckos
I've been to this volcanic island several times already and we always stay at Paras Beach Resort... they have the best pizza in town!
Nudibranch City and Canyons, with its superb underwater topography are my favorite sites. I dive with the guys from Camiguin Action Geckos
My Camiguin adventure is never complete without the sunset trip to White Island... the best area to relax and marvel the beauty of this amazing island born of fire!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Boracay Island

My first really close encounter with Silky Shark & Great Hammerhead Shark was in Yapak Wall... circa 1996.
I also had a rare chance to be at the center of a huge school of jacks that whirlpool like a tornado... which i never experienced again!
I had great diving memories in Boracay & i will never get tired of coming back to this beautiful island.
Last December, i had my pre La Union trip there in some sort of a family reunion getaway at Tirol & Tirol Beach Resort. This time i decided not to do anything but relax in the country's top tourist attraction. Well, i did explore the island's nightlife... a bit of food tripping... a little salsa dancing... some shopping...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Holy Week in Siargao

Photo by Cheyenne Morrison
Just got back from a great Holy Week adventure in Siargao Island but the tide is pulling me again to be there once more.
The trip going there was very long, so i decided to just chill out my first night in Cabuntog Lodge and Cottages with my room mates, Kage and Zeny. Woke up really early and had my first surfing session in Cloud 9 and Jacking Horses. Afternoon was again chill time at Cabuntog beach talking about the Gospel of Judas... but night time was crazy... i was so drunk, i can't remember so many things i did that night!
Anyways, after a hang-over penitence, we had our Good Friday lunch at Guyam Island. Stayed there the whole afternoon and practice zipping while enjoying the breathtaking view of the paradise called Siargao.
I had an early trip the next day back to Cebu.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Mares... Just Add Water!

I don't understand why I'm so fascinated with Mares diving equipment & accessories. I just couldn't stop buying the latest gadget from this Italian company.
Here are some of the Mares equipment i use for my dive activities:
Vector 1000 BC Vest / V16 Proton Metal Regulator / Proton Octopus / Mission 1 Compact SPG / NEMO Titanium Computer / X-Vision Black Mask / Samoa 1.5mm Wetsuit / SeaBoot / Short Sleeves Rash Guard / Plana Avanti Quattro Fins / Volo Fins / Volo Power Fins / Technomad 125 Dive Bag / Technomad 100 Dive Bag / Urban Dive Bag

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Holy Week in Palau

Palau is one place you've got to see before you die... being considered as the Mount Everest of Micronesia diving and has been called one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. "Sharks, rays, walls, caves, wrecks, drifts, - Palau has it all"
I was there a year ago to spend my Holy Week with some friends but the memory of Rock Islands still lingers.
We made 22 dives and I got hooked in Blue Corner and New Drop Off. I also had a stranger-than-fiction diving at Jellyfish Lake and Mandarin Fish Lake. But the best part is swimming with the wild dolphins near the Blue Holes.
We stayed at Palau Pacific Resort and we dove with Fisn 'N Fins diveshop where my dive buddy - Alain Rabor, work as a dive instructor.
This year, i'll be spending my Holy Week with new-found friends in another wonderful place called Siargao.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Memorial Dive

Last March 20 was one of the most emotional day of my life as i organize a memorial dive for my Japanese dive buddy - ANRI.
Shown here with me having breakfast at Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa... few days before he died in Japan.
One of his wish is to sleep forever in Marigondon Cave of Mactan Island. His close friends in Japan grouped together and traveled to Cebu to join the dive.
Your wish is granted Sir Anri... No Problem!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Luke Landrigan

Meg Magazine 2006
Here's a photo of Luke Landrigan... the most famous surfer in the country today! He's won prestigious surfing competitions like the 2005 Lanuza International Longboard Invitational and the La Union Long Board Open. Half-Filipino, half-Australian, Luke is also a crowd favorite when he gets on his board and showcases his talent. Visit his Billabong San Juan Surf School in La Union if you want to learn how to surf.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Baler, Aurora

photo by Kage Gozun
I went to Baler two months ago to watch the 10th Aurora Surfing Cup. I traveled with Boeing and Zeny. Meet up with Kage who took my Year of the Dog Moment photo!
Baler is windy, rainy and cold at that time but i find the place very romantic...
I stayed at Bay's Inn where i met Dane Boberg & Jocelyn Formento from San Mateo, California. We decided to travel together with Boeing to the other side of Luzon... from the Pacific side to the South China Sea side.
I guess La Union has a magnet that keeps pulling me to be there... always!

San Juan, La Union

I was in La Union last December 2005 and stayed at San Juan Surf Resort to watch the Rimat Ti Amianan: Treasure of the North surf competition. Already thinking of taking some surfing lessons... but the waves are too big for a beginner like me. So i just hang out with Mhay, Zeny & Kage at the Monaliza Point to watch the best surfers of the country in action.
We also went to visit Bacnotan Cement Factory and watch my friends (Boeing Paras, Boom Labrusca, Lui Villaruz & Paolo Soler) surf till sunset... the place is beautiful and the sunset is magical!

Surf Lanuza

My first time to watch a real surfing competition was in Lanuza, Surigao del Sur last November 2005 during their 3rd Lanuza Surfing Festival. I met there for the first time Mhay, Zeny, Kage, Kathy and the rest of of the PSF Almost Famous Tour crew. I got starstruck to finally see Luke Landrigan in person... i had my shirt autographed right away!
I was supposed to check the dive sites of Lanuza as part of my itinerary with the group of Mike Ross and Yvette Lee... but the waves are soooo huge... we decided to just hang out at the Mayor's Bar and party with the country's top surfers.

Welcome To My Blog

I decided to create this blog to show you some of my underwater explorations as a divemaster as well as my surf trips. I'm a surfer wannabe and i want you to join my adventures to different exotic locations as i try to catch waves. Is it hard to surf? I guess so, but the thrill of finally riding your board is something you will never forget.
I would like to thank Lemon Dines of La Union Surf Club & Luke Landrigan of Billabong San Juan Surf School for helping me with my first step to the wonderful world of surfing.