Friday, June 30, 2006


Photo by Ivan Henares
Since i'm planning another trip to La Union, i just thought of searching online what other places i can visit nearby. I tried searching for San Fernando and then i saw this very familiar photo of a house. I checked it and yes indeed, it was the house we used to live in San Fernando, Pampanga.
As far as i can recall, my only childhood memories starts there and i'm so glad that it was already declared a Heritage House in 2003. I am now excited to go back there after more than 25 years. I wanted to walk again on the railroad track, the sugar central, the church, the calesa rides, my prep school...
I also remembered that after San Fernando City, we moved to Bacolod City. I think i should go back there too... I'm really enjoying this feeling of looking back to your wonderful past nostalgically.

Dayrit-Cuyugan House (MacArthur Highway, Barangay Dolores) Built in 1920 by the couple Joaquin Dayrit y Singian, sugar farmer, and Maria Paz Cuyugan y de Leon. Inherited by their eldest daughter Luz Dayrit y Cuyugan who was married to Ulderico Rodriguez from Bacolor.
This ancestral house, which exemplifies the architecture prevalent during the American colonial period was declared a Heritage House by the National Historical Institute on 27 January 2003 by virtue of Resolution No. 5, S. 2003. (

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Coffee Dream

I love coffee and i can't live without it. It fuels my passion to do these extreme sports i'm getting into.
It also helps me daydream of possible concepts and images that i can use on my creative works.
I average 5 cups of brewed coffee or 2 cups of espresso on a normal day but more if i need to create a concept paper.
Anyways, without too much testimonial about coffee... i actually just wanted to invite you guys to visit our franchised Coffee Dream outlets at Mango Square Mall, Cebu or at SM City, Cagayan de Oro. Thanks!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dive Davao

Photo by George Tapan
I had a lot of first time dive experience when i took my scuba diving lessons at Pearl Farm Beach Resort when i was still based in Davao.
My first open water fun dive is actually a wreck dive! We visited one of the two WWII shipwrecks in front of the resort. I got so addicted on those wrecks that my succeeding trip to the resort is mostly to dive and explore them again.
I also had my first night dive (which my Okinawan instructor combined with navigation dive) under the resort's famous landmark - The Parola.
Armed with a torch, a compass and too much excitement, instead of a square... i made a zigzag pattern all the way to the open with a very strong current! It was my first 30min solo dive 'cause my instructor took a while to catch up with me on a torpedo speed drift dive.
I knew i got lost already... but who cares? I'm enjoying my first night flight alone! ha ha ha!
After getting my advanced certification, my weekend in Davao is never complete without a day-trip to Samal or Talikud islands. I miss those lunch under the coconut trees with my BigMac meal!
Everytime i get the chance to visit Davao, i always dropby Wind and Wave dive shop in Santa Ana Wharf to check if there's a trip i can join. I am scheduled to go there next month and hopefully, after more than a year since my last Talikud island trip... i can Dive Davao again.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lanuza Fiesta

I was asked by Mayor Jerry of Lanuza to provide them with a Cebu-based showband and i took it right away as an opportunity not only to attend the fiesta but also to finally surf Lanuza.
Luckily, i was able to book Firstep - one of Cebu's top showband. We left Cebu last June 10 and as expected the trip going there was tough... overnight by boat from Cebu to Surigao then 3 hours land trip from Surigao to Lanuza. Upon reaching Lanuza, i toured the band around the town and had a really nice dip at Magkawas Falls.
At night, we had a chillaxin nipa wine session at Bayod Bar & Grill.
Early morning the next day, i tagged along Pido (Lanuza's Junior Champion Surfer) and his brand new motorbike to Badjang and had some few rides after a long wait for the nice sets to arrive. Got some few cuts due to a very low tide but i don't mind the blood... sayang ang sets!
Late in the afternoon, we tried to catch waves under the rain at Doot Poktoy Sandbar. It was nice to be able to get a few rides even if they consider it a flat season.
At night, the band had a blast in the town plaza. I wish we could bring Firstep again this November for their annual surfing competition.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dive Tubbataha / Palawan Adventure 2

I'm back in Cebu again after a week-long Palawan escapade. Even with the persistent headache caused by a wisdom tooth problem... i really enjoyed the trip.
Maybe because of the great company of friends (John, Amanda, Paulo, Tim, Michael, Kakoy, Dindo and new found friends Mike, Jiny and the GenSan group)
Maybe because of the sumptuous food onboard the Oceanic Explorer.
Maybe because of the perfect weather and sea condition where the water is glassy.
Or maybe because of the amazing underwater treasures of Tubbataha Reefs!
Our group saw a lot of dolphins, mantas, reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse and some from our group saw a Hammerhead shark and a Thresher shark.
I like the Delsan Wreck, Malayan Wreck, Black Rock and Amos Rock dive sites... but doing a long night dive at Ranger Station channel where they saw and photographed a huge Tiger shark just a week before our trip made me shiver!
We were joined by the other Expedition Fleet Liveaboards - Stella Maris Explorer and Eco Explorer where i saw Yvette Lee.
After making 19 dives in this World Heritage Site National Marine Park... we visited another World Heritage Site - the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This cave is unbelievable to be real!
In Puerto Princesa City, we had dinner at Ka Lui, visited Kamarikutan Cafe and had a little drink at Kinabuchs Bar... too bad that the tamilok worm is out of stock.
We stayed overnight at The Legend Hotel after the X-Men paid a visit to Phoenix!
Please visit my buddies (Tim and Paulo) Multiply sites to check how fun it is in Palawan.